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mexican beetle register


About us

The Committee


Chairman - Howard Cheese

Magazine Editor - Michelle Stone 

Treasurer / Membership - Currently vacant




The aims of the register are


To promote friendship amonst owners or enthusiasts of all air-cooled Beetle (1200 and 1600i), Brisilia, SP1, SP2, Trekker and Puma models built outside Germany in places such as Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and Nigeria for their mutual benefit


To offer help and advise to members in order that they are able to preserve and maintain their 1200 and 1600i cars, especially in years to come where difficulties may be experienced in obtaining parts, panels, paint, accessories etc. or in identifying engine / chassis numbers


To demonstrate to others the quality and durability of the classic aircooled Beetles design and construction, which is the reason for it having higher resale values than most other cars.



































The views expressed by the Mexican and Brazilian Beetle Register do not imply recommendation and while every care is taken to ensure that information and advice is offered by the Mexican and Brazilian Register is correct, no liability can be accepted by the register for loss, damage or injury caused by any error in, or omissions from the information given.