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Welcome to the Mexican / Brazilian Beetle Register Website



The Mexican & Brazilian Beetle Register is a club open to owners, or simply enthusiasts of all air-cooled Beetle, Brasilia, SP1, SP2, Trekker and Puma models built outside of Germany in places such as Mexico, Brazil, South Africa & Nigeria. The majority of our membership own Mexican Beetles built from 1979 through to the latest 1600i fuel injected models.



The Register publishes a quarterly magazine featuring technical information, what's happening on the Mexican and Brazilian VW scene, as well as general club news & details of second hand cars for sale.



Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st and the annual subscription fee is only £19.00 or £26.00 outside UK. If you subscribe mid-year, any issues of the magazine that you may have missed will be sent to you.



The Mexican & Brazilian Beetle Register is a member of the Association of British Volkswagen Owners Clubs (ABVWC) http://www.abvwc.org.uk





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